Little Ads - You want this stuff, somehow.

You know what? It's been a while since we've dropped in on our mouth-breathing, unemployable friend that's always asking to borrow a couple of bucks, The Seventies. Hey, The Seventies! How's it hanging? The cold sore's healing up pretty good. Whatcha got for us today? Blow our mind, man.

Foldaway Lap Desk. Good for Dad to write his book report. Getting up
not advisable. Also see our toilet chair building guide.

"Slipcover" makes an "unusually pretty" bookend or doorstop.
Protects brick from damage and weather. Reduces noise when brick
is thrown through windshield.

"Crystal" ball. Makes an interesting "conversation" piece, such as "What instructions does
Mini-Sauron have for you today?
" Can you see yourself in the future selling this for 25¢ at
a rummage sale? No way!

Let your husband know you'd marry him behind the Shakey's Pizza all
over again.


MrsBug said...

Wanna hear something funny? (of course you do) Those needlepoint covered bricks? Totally a collectible thing per my November edition of Martha Stewart Living.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

You are right, Mrs. B. That is very funny! I now question the judgment of Martha Stewart more than at any other point in her career. Thanks for the tip!


Jim D. said...

Hey, you totally missed the "gays in the future" pun. They GOT you.

Charlie said...

That crewel is cruel.

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